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The Story


Carley is an Artistic Director in Stockholm Sweden.  Known for her work as a conceptual hair stylist and lover of hair.   

Educated by world renowned stylist Phillipe Hadchiti from Lebanon.

Carley is recognised and known for her signature Hollywood blow out, cutting craft, flawless fades, colour melting tones, a balayage master and over all creating natural glamorous looking hair.  


Doing hair for Celebrities to often being hired for fashion events, photo shoots, film, TV and magazines all over the globe. 

The goal is to create more than just beautiful hair.  ‘I want everyone to feel special and have a moment filled with luxury and care of the highest quality.  

‘I Love interacting with my wonderful clients. Having the pleasure of my clientele sit in my chair,  they get this sparkle in their eye and tell me ‘WOW I look amazing!   I love this!  This is what it’s all about for me’.

With her enviable creative vision, Carley’s goal is to create, inspire and share as much knowledge as she can with you in the wonderful world of hair.  Carley’s ‘Less is more approach with her colour technique representing natural, luxurious effortless locks.  

About By Carley: Om oss
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